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Erice is an Agricultural-commercial center and is situated on an isolated height. Risen in the same place of the ancient Erice, Elimi's religious center, famous for the Venere Ericina's temple, it was contested from Syracusans and Carthaginians until the Roman' s conquest in 244 a.C. During the arabic invasion it was called "Gebel Hamed" and got part of its lost importance back nel XII sec. following then the politic sorts of the island. Today we can find many medioevals witness and parts of the ancient walls
In Erice there are some remarkable monuments as "La Chiesa Matrice" XIV sec. (its inside was remaked in the last century), the medioeval castle (XII-XIII sec.) with the temple's ruins and the "Palazzo Municipale". Into the "Palazzo Municipale" now there are a library and the "Cordici" Museum with archeological reperts of the "Necropoli ericina", with an Afrodite's head of the IV sec. a.C. The "Processione dei Personaggi" is very intresting and it's carries out every year for the "Maria Santissima di Custonaci" festivity (in august).





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